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Inadmissibility & Rehabilitation

  • Authorization to return (ARC).

  • Removal Orders.​​

  • Security based appeals for inadmissibility

  • Misrepresentation.

  • Health or financial based denial.

  • Organized or other Criminality based denial.

  • Inadmissibility based on family member.

  • Rehabilitation based on various convictions.

Permanent Residence

  • Family Class.

  • Express Entry.

  • Federal skilled workers.

  • Federal skilled trades program.

  • Canadian experience class.

  • Provincial nominee programs.

  • Self employed person.

  • Federal immigration

  • Provincial programs.

  • Pilot programs and initiative by GOC.


Temporary Residence

  • Visitor Visa

  • Super Visa

  • Students and study permits

  • Consultation on post secondary programs.

  • Caregivers program leading to Permanent residence.

  • Temporary foreign workers

  • International experience class.

  • Labor market impact assessment.

Refugees & Humanitarian

  • Pre-removal risk assistance &  Humanitarian  and Compassionate cases.

  • Refugee Sponsorship (individual or as a group).

  • Representation at RPD & RAD  hearings.

  • Assistance with Basis of Claims (BOC) letters.

  • Act as representatives at detention reviews.

  • Immigration & settlement assistance.


Entrepreneur & Start up Visa

Provincial start up visas and business immigration options based on case by case evaluation 

Immigration Add on's.

  • Case File evaluation for self doer's.

  • Language testing guidance.

  • Community settlement expertise across Canada. 

  • Education credit Assessment guidance.

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